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The bliss of aromatherapy

The bliss of aromatherapy

is coming soon!

Absolute Ananda is...

Mary Chipman and my passion is wellness and natural living. I make body care products, diffuser blends, and home care products using essential oils and therapeutic herbs that help restore the body and lift spirits, crafted in small batches without any chemicals. I’m always experimenting with new recipes and love sharing what I learn.



Interested in Absolute Ananda’s beauty and homecare products, learning more about therapeutic aromatherapy, herbs or needing a consultation about your wellness needs? Contact me at

I’m also happy to meet with you face-to-face in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.


This website will feature recipes for natural aromatherapy cosmetics, blends, perfumes, and household products, as well as herbal formulations that can boost physical and emotional health. Freshly made handcrafted products will be available for ordering and purchase. And there will be a blog about aromatherapy and herbalism for promoting physical, mental and spiritual health.