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Take the toxic out of life and get back to health with natural aromatherapy household and lifestyle products crafted in small batches with love and care. Discover the world of essential oils; the power of plants providing mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical wellness.

House & Lifestyle

Say goodbye to toxic chemicals & hello to natural household products that are just as effective and have a lovely scent as well. From cleansers, reed diffusers to room sprays, these products use essential oils and other natural ingredients to keep your home looking and smelling clean and fresh.

Skin & Hair Care

So many skin and hair issues can be helped with essential oils, natural butters, and carrier oils: aging skin, acne, eczema, psoriasis, chapped skin, cuts, burns, thinning hair, dandruff. But forget about ‘problems’ – these products make you feel good on the inside and look wonderful on the outside. Beauty in and out! Look for hand salves, body butters and lotions, facial cleansers, hair rinses and many more nourishing products.

Massage Oil & Diffuser Blends

Massage oils are fantastic for dealing with aches and pains of all sorts, or simply to give your body some much needed TLC. They are blends of a carrier oil, which itself can have therapeutic properties, and beneficial essential oils. Look for a variety of massage oil blends to help ease muscle soreness, achy joints, and tension headaches. Diffusing essential oils can also help with mood, allergies, colds and flu, getting to sleep and getting energized, depending on which ones are used.

Products & Services

I make all my products in small batches to ensure freshness since I don’t use any preservatives. As a result, the products available for immediate purchase will vary quite frequently, but they will be posted here. However, if there is a particular product of mine that you would like to have, I am happy to make it for you – just complete the request form below. Likewise, if there is something special you’re looking for – whether it’s to address a certain issue or whether it’s simply to pamper yourself or a loved one – contact me for a consultation.

Household & Lifestyle

Ditch the chemical fragrances, and toxic and abrasive household cleansers. Room sprays and reed diffuser blends set the mood and energy in each room of your home. Natural cleansers tackle grease, mop up dirty counters and floors, keep bathroom bacteria and molds away, and clean glass – all possible with the power of plants!

Skin & Hair Care

I keep learning and experimenting with new ingredients and new ways of doing things that address normal, dry, oily, combination, ageing and problem skin; and likewise for hair.  What you can find here are my favourite recipes:  from everyday lotions to keep your skin hydrated; body butters, salves and lip balms to soothe and bring relief to super dry patches; lotions to address skin conditions such as eczema, rash, cuts and burns; toners to keep your face clean and acne-free, to dry shampoos; shampoos, hair rinses and oil treatments to moisturize and nourish the scalp (which helps strengthen and protect hair), reduce frizz, and increase hair manageability.

Massage Oils, Diffuser Blends & Perfumes

I workout a lot, and I get sore a lot: massage oils and gels to the rescue! These are also helpful for arthritic joints, chronic muscle pain, and tension head, neck and shoulder aches. Massage gels, with aloe vera as the prime ingredient, provide a cooling sensation which is wonderful is you have sharp, throbbing pain and/or in hot temperatures when you could use additional relief.

Inhalers – which are similar in look as lip balm tubes – are basically diffusers on the go: a direct, yet safe way to gently inhale essential oils. They’re handy and discreet to use.

Depending on the blend of essential oils, diffuser and inhalers can be used to target physical issues, like opening up congested sinuses, reducing tension headaches, etc. but they are equally valuable in addressing emotional issues, such as stress, depression, lethargy, and anxiety.

I love experimenting with scent and concocting perfumes. They are either alcohol based, sometimes infused with flowers, or solid ones with beeswax that can double as a salve, and all with a lovely combination of essential oils.


Custom Made Orders

Is there a product you’re looking for that you can’t find anywhere? Or a condition or issue that you think might benefit from essential oils and/or natural ingredients? A scent you’d love to have in a cologne, perfume or solid perfume? Let me know and I’ll see if I can formulate something tailor made for you!


Welcome to the Absolute Ananda blog, where you’ll find recipes and tips, as well as discussion about research, uses for essential oils other than cosmetic, and thoughts about trends in aromatherapy.

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